1812 Vermont gubernatorial election

The 1812 Vermont gubernatorial election for Governor of Vermont took place in September, and resulted in the election of Jonas Galusha to a one-year term.[1]

1812 Vermont gubernatorial election

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  Jonas Galusha.jpg Martin Chittenden.jpg
Nominee Jonas Galusha Martin Chittenden
Party Democratic-Republican Federalist
Popular vote 19,158 15,950
Percentage 53.6% 44.6%

Governor before election

Jonas Galusha

Elected Governor

Jonas Galusha

The Vermont General Assembly met in Montpelier on October 8.[1] The Vermont House of Representatives appointed a committee to review the votes of the freemen of Vermont for governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, and members of the governor's council.[1] The committee's examination showed that Jonas Galusha defeated Martin Chittenden to win election to a fourth one-year term.[1]

In the election for lieutenant governor, Paul Brigham defeated William Chamberlain to win his seventeenth one-year term.[1] In this contest, one Vermont newspaper recorded the vote totals as: Brigham (Democratic-Republican), 17,887 (53.0%); Chamberlain (Federalist), 14,893 (44.2%); scattering, 952 (2.8%).[2]

Benjamin Swan was elected to a one-year term as treasurer, his thirteenth, though the vote totals were not recorded.[1] Swan, a Federalist was also endorsed by the Democratic-Republicans, and so was effectively unopposed for reelection.[3][4]

In the race for governor, a contemporary newspaper article reported the results as follows.[2]


1812 Vermont gubernatorial election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic-Republican Jonas Galusha (incumbent) 19,158 53.6%
Federalist Martin Chittenden 15,950 44.6%
Scattering 644 1.8%
Total votes '35,752' '100%'


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