Tripolitanian civil war

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The Tripolitanian civil war was a conflict from 1793 to 1795 which occurred in what is today the country of Libya. Ali Benghul, an Ottoman officer, deposed Hamet Karamanli, the ruler of Tripolitania, who had ruled since the end of the corrupt and ineffective rule of Ali I in 1793. Hamet and his brother Yusuf returned to Tripoli with the aid of the Bey of Tunis and took control of the throne.[2]

Tripolitanian civil war
Tripolitania Eyalet, Ottoman Empire (1795).png
Map of the Tripolitania Eyalet in 1795.
Date30 June 1793 – 20 January 1795
(1 year, 6 months and 3 weeks)[1]
Result Karamanli dynasty restored to the throne of Tripolitania
Weakening of Ottoman rule over Tripolitania
Ottoman Empire Tripolitania Eyalet Ottoman Empire Karamanli dynasty supporters
Flag of Tunis Bey-fr.svg Beylik of Tunis
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Ali II Burghul Pasha Cezayrli Hamet Karamanli
Yusuf Karamanli
Ottoman Empire Mustafa ibn Mahmud
Flag of Tunis Bey-fr.svg Moustapha Khodja

Following the end of the war Hamet Karamanli was initially returned to the throne, ruling again as Ahmad II Pasha from 20 January 1795 until 11 June 1795, when Hamza Yusuf deposed him, seized the throne, and sent Hamet into exile. Hamet later tried unsuccessfully to return and seize the throne with American support in the Battle of Derne during the First Barbary War.


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