Events from the year 1743 in Canada.


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Montreal merchant sells five enslaved Black people (2 men, 3 "women and girls") in Quebec City for 3,000 livres[3]

Ordinance refers to 445,000-livre construction expense for Montreal wall, with part of 115,500 livres paid by city returned by king[4]

Any war declared against France need not involve Acadians and Indigenous people, "if they are wise" (Note: "savages" used)[5]

Nova Scotia president Mascarene points out dangers of having potentially insurgent population, far too few soldiers and poor defences in case of war[6]

Council hears "Indians [have] no Intention to take or Pillage the Traders," but orders all to "even by force[...]Prevent all Such Robberys"[7]

Council orders priests (and their parishioners) to get its prior consent to enter Nova Scotia, and not "behave themselves Irregularly"[8]

Mascarene satisfied with all but one priest and says "if everyone aims at the same End We may prevent trouble from approaching Us"[9]

Visitor to Onondaga describes town and its situation, longhouse, and "comical fellow" with mask, staff and rattle[10]

Sixteen-year-old James Wolfe marches "in the greatest Spirits [and] shall be very well able to hold it out with a Little help of a Horse"[11]

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