1735 British Virgin Islands Assembly elections

Assembly elections were held in the British Virgin Islands in 1735.

Background edit

In early 1735 Governor William Matthew established a Council and Assembly for both Tortola and Virgin Gorda. Although the six-member Councils were appointed by the Governor, the nine-member Assemblies were elected.[1][2]

Electoral system edit

Tortola was divided into three three-member constituencies; Fat Hog Bay, Road and Saka Bay. Virgin Gorda had two constituencies, with Valley electing six members and North and South Sound electing three.[1] Voters were generally the residents rather than the freeholders.[1]

Aftermath edit

Following the elections, it became apparent that Governor Matthew had misinterpreted his commission. As a result, the creation of the Assemblies was illegal. Matthew was reprimanded by the Lords of Trade and the Assemblies were subsequently disbanded, although the Councils continued to meet.[1] Elections were not held again until 1773.

References edit

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