1677–1863 Jamaican general elections

General elections were held in Jamaica under the Old Representative System between the 17th and 19th centuries. The first elections were held in 1677,[1] in which thirty-two members were elected from 15 constituencies.[2] The House of Assembly was abolished in 1865.[3]



Constituency Elected members
Clarendon Thomas Sutton, Jonathan Ashurst
St. Andrew's Samuel Barry, John Barnaby
St. Ann's Richard Hemmings, John Gawden
St. David's Thomas Ryves, Thomas Fargor
St. Dorothy's John Colebeck, Theodore Cary
St. Elizabeth Richard Scott, Thomas Raby
St. George's William Nedham, George Philipps
St. James' Richard Guy, Samuel Jenks
St. John's Whitgift Aylemore, Richard Oldfield
St. Katherine's John Bowden, Samuel Bernard, William Bragg
St. Mary's John Fountain, Andrew Orgill
St. Thomas Edward Stanton, Clem. Richardson
St. Thomas-in-the-Vale Fulke Rose, George Nedham
Port Royal William Beeston, Anthony Swimmer, Charles Morgan
Vere Andrew Knight, Andrew Langly
Source: British History Online[2]


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