This article contains information about the literary events and publications of 1540.

List of years in literature (table)

Events edit

New books edit

Prose edit

De partu hominis

Poetry edit

Approximate year

  • Sir Thomas MoreLady Fortune[7]
  • Girolamo Schola – Capituli di M. Girolamo Schola sopra varii suggetti[8]

Births edit

Deaths edit

  • May 6Juan Luis Vives, Spanish humanist polymath (born 1493)  This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainChisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). "Vives, Juan Luis". Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press.
  • May 22Francesco Guicciardini, Italian historian and statesman (born 1483)
  • October 5Helius Eobanus Hessus, German Latin poet (born 1488)
  • October – Robert Redman, London printer[2]

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