14th Parliament of British Columbia

The 14th Legislative Assembly of British Columbia sat from 1917 to 1920. The members were elected in the British Columbia general election held in September 1916.[1] The British Columbia Liberal Party, led by Harlan Carey Brewster, formed the government. Following Brewster's death in March 1918, John Oliver became Premier.[2]

John Walter Weart served as speaker until the start of the 1918 session, when John Keen succeeded him as speaker.[3]

Members of the 14th General Assembly edit

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1916.:[1]

Member Electoral district Party
  Harlan Carey Brewster[nb 1] Alberni Liberal
  Frank Harry Mobley Atlin Liberal
  John MacKay Yorston Cariboo Liberal
  Edward Dodsley Barrow Chilliwack Liberal
  John Andrew Buckham Columbia Liberal
  Hugh Stewart Comox Liberal
  William Henry Hayward Cowichan Independent
  James Horace King Cranbrook Liberal
  Francis James Anderson MacKenzie Delta Conservative
  John Oliver Dewdney Liberal
  Robert Henry Pooley Esquimalt Conservative
  Alexander Ingram Fisher Fernie Liberal
  William Roderick Ross Fort George Conservative
  James Edwin Wallace Thompson Grand Forks Liberal
  John Duncan MacLean Greenwood Liberal
  Malcolm Bruce Jackson The Islands Liberal
  Frederick William Anderson Kamloops Liberal
  John Keen Kaslo Liberal
  Archibald McDonald Lillooet Conservative
  William Sloan Nanaimo Liberal
  William Oliver Rose Nelson Conservative
  Parker Williams Newcastle Independent Socialist
  David Whiteside New Westminster Liberal
  Kenneth Cattanach MacDonald North Okanagan Liberal
  George Samuel Hanes North Vancouver Liberal
  Alexander Malcolm Manson Omineca Liberal
  Thomas Dufferin Pattullo Prince Rupert Liberal
  William Henry Sutherland Revelstoke Liberal
  Gerald Grattan McGeer Richmond Liberal
  William David Willson Rossland Liberal
  Frederick Arthur Pauline Saanich Liberal
  Lytton Wilmot Shatford Similkameen Conservative
  Charles Franklin Nelson Slocan Liberal
  James William Jones South Okanagan Conservative
  John Walter Weart South Vancouver Liberal
  James Hargrave Schofield Trail Conservative
  William John Bowser Vancouver City Conservative
  John Sedgwick Cowper Liberal
  John Wallace deBeque Farris
  Malcolm Archibald Macdonald
  John William McIntosh
  Ralph Smith
  George Bell Victoria City Liberal
  Harlan Carey Brewster[nb 1]
  Henry Charles Hall
  John Hart
  Joseph Walters Yale Liberal


  1. ^ a b Elected in both Alberni and Victoria City; choose to sit for Victoria City

Party standings edit

Affiliation Members
Liberal 36
Conservative 9
Independent 1
Independent Socialist 1
 Government Majority

By-elections edit

By-elections were held for the following members appointed to the provincial cabinet, as was required at the time:[1]

By-elections were held to replace members for various other reasons:[1]

Electoral district Member elected Party Election date Reason
Alberni Richard Pateman Wallis Conservative January 24, 1918 H.C. Brewster resigned; elected in both Alberni and Victoria City
Newcastle James Hurst Hawthornthwaite Independent Socialist January 24, 1918 P. Williams resigned; named to Workmen's Compensation Board January 1, 1917
Similkameen William Alexander McKenzie Conservative January 24, 1918 L.W. Shatford resigned; named to Senate of Canada June 23, 1917
Vancouver City Mary Ellen Smith Independent January 24, 1918 death of R. Smith, February 12, 1917
Victoria City Francis William Henry Giolma Soldier January 24, 1918 death of H.C. Brewster, March 1, 1918
Alberni Richard John Burde Independent Soldier January 29, 1919[nb 1] death of R.P. Wallis, October 14, 1918
Cowichan Kenneth Forrest Duncan Unionist January 25, 1919 W.H. Hayward resigned; official military duties in Ottawa


  1. ^ Acclaimed

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