1410 in Poland

Events of the year 1410 in Poland.



Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War:

9 July
12 July
13 July
  • Dąbrówno (with its important Teutonic fortress) is conquered; the Teutonic order moves its army towards the village of Grunwald
15 July
25 July
  • Beginning of the unsuccessful Siege of Malbork, quasi capital of the Teutonic state, to which the entire order fled after the lost battle
7 August
  • The town of Toruń is handed over to king Jagiełło after a three-week siege
31 August
  • The town of Grudziądz with its important Teutonic fortress is conquered by the Polish army
19 September
  • Jagiełło withdraws from Malbork
  • The army of Sigismund of Luxemburg invades Poland
29 September
  • Jagiełło passes through Toruń
31 October
  • Grudziądz reconquered by the Teutonic order; the same happens to the other fortresses won earlier by the Polish army