13th Parliament of British Columbia

The 13th Legislative Assembly of British Columbia sat from 1913 to 1916. The members were elected in the British Columbia general election held in March 1912.[1] The British Columbia Conservative Party led by Richard McBride formed the government. McBride resigned as premier in December 1915 to become British Columbia's agent general in London. William John Bowser succeeded McBride as Premier.[2]

David McEwen Eberts served as speaker.[3]

Members of the 13th General AssemblyEdit

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1912.:[1]

Member Electoral district Party
  John George Corry Wood Alberni Conservative
  Henry Esson Young Atlin Conservative
  Michael Callanan Cariboo Conservative
  John Anderson Fraser
  Samuel Arthur Cawley Chilliwhack Conservative
  Harold Ernest Forster Columbia Independent Conservative
  Michael Manson Comox Conservative
  William Henry Hayward Cowichan Conservative
  Thomas Donald Caven Cranbrook Conservative
  Francis James Anderson MacKenzie Delta Conservative
  William J. Manson Dewdney Conservative
  Robert Henry Pooley Esquimalt Conservative
  William Roderick Ross Fernie Conservative
  Ernest Miller Grand Forks Conservative
  John Robert Jackson Greenwood Conservative
  Albert Edward McPhillips The Islands Conservative
  James Pearson Shaw Kamloops Conservative
  Neil Franklin MacKay Kaslo Conservative
  Archibald McDonald Lillooet Conservative
  John Thomas Wilmot Place Nanaimo City Social Democratic
  William Ross MacLean Nelson City Conservative
  Parker Williams Newcastle Socialist
  Thomas Gifford New Westminster City Conservative
  Price Ellison Okanagan Conservative
  Thomas Taylor Revelstoke Conservative
  Francis Lovett Carter-Cotton Richmond Conservative
  Lorne Argyle Campbell Rossland City Conservative
  David McEwen Eberts Saanich Conservative
  Lytton Wilmot Shatford Similkameen Conservative
  William Manson Skeena Conservative
  William Hunter Slocan Conservative
  William John Bowser Vancouver City Conservative
  Alexander Henry Boswell MacGowan
  George Albert McGuire
  Charles Edward Tisdall
  Henry Holgate Watson
  Henry Frederick William Behnsen Victoria City Conservative
  Frederick Davey
  Richard McBride
  Henry Broughton Thomson
  Alexander Lucas Yale Conservative
  James Hargrave Schofield Ymir Conservative


Party standingsEdit

Affiliation Members
Conservative 39
Socialist 1
Social Democratic 1
Independent Conservative 1
 Government Majority


By-elections were held for the following members appointed to the provincial cabinet, as was required at the time:[1]

By-elections were held to replace members for various other reasons:[1]

Electoral district Member elected Party Election date Reason
The Islands William Wasbrough Foster Conservative December 6, 1913 A.E. McPhillips named to Appeal Court of B.C. in September 1913
Victoria City Harlan Carey Brewster Liberal March 4, 1916 R. McBride named Agent-General in January 1916


Other changesEdit


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