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The 11th Fighter Wing is a disbanded United States Army Air Forces organization. Its last assignment was with Eighth Air Force at Drew Field, Florida. It was disbanded in late 1943.

11th Fighter Wing
Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png
Active1940–1941, 1942–1943
Country United States
BranchUnited States Army Air Forces
Part ofEighth Air Force


The wing was constituted in late 1940 at Hamilton Field, California in the buildup of the United States Army Air Corps in response to the start of World War II in Europe.[2] It moved to Army Air Base, Portland in 1941, where it assumed responsibility for organizing two pursuit groups. It was inactivated later that year,[2] and its personnel used as part of the cadre for headquarters units of Fourth Air Force.

The wing was activated the following year at Drew Field, Florida. Although it was programmed for overseas deployment to the European Theater and was assigned to Eighth Air Force, it was attached to Third Air Force for training. It was never assigned any combat groups and was inactivated before deploying overseas.[2]

In 1985 the wing was reconstituted on paper as the 367th Electronic Warfare Group,[3] but was never active before being disbanded again in 1992.


  • Constituted as the 11th Pursuit Wing on 19 October 1940
Activated on 18 December 1940
Inactivated on 2 October 1941
  • Redesignated 11th Fighter Wing in October 1942
Activated on 1 November 1942
Inactivated on 1 May 1943
  • Disbanded on 1 December 1943[2]
  • Reconstituted on 31 July 1985 and redesignated 367th Electronic Warfare Group (not active)[3]
  • Disbanded on 9 September 1992


  • Northwest Air District 18 December 1940 – 2 October 1941
  • Eighth Air Force, 1 November 1942 – 1 May 1943 (attached to Third Air Force)[2]


  • Hamilton Field, California, 18 December 1940
  • Army Air Base, Portland, Oregon, June 1941 – 2 October 1941
  • Drew Field, Florida, 1 November 1942 – 1 May 1943[2]





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  This article incorporates public domain material from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website

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