Ștefăniță Lupu

Ştefăniţă Lupu, nicknamed Papură-Vodă (Bullrush Voivode; 1641 – 29 September 1661 in Tighina), son of Vasile Lupu, was Voivode (Prince) of Moldavia between 1659 and 1661, and again in 1661.

Ștefăniță Lupu
Stefanica lupu.jpg
Prince of Moldavia
(1st reign)
Reign1 December 1659 – January 1661
PredecessorConstantin Șerban
SuccessorConstantin Șerban
Prince of Moldavia
(2nd reign)
Reign27 February – 29 September 1661
PredecessorConstantin Șerban
SuccessorEustratie Dabija
Died29 September 1661
FatherVasile Lupu


Appointed by the Porte as a result of his father's efforts (during their in exile in Istanbul), Ştefăniţă took over the throne at the age of 16. His rule was twice overthrown by former Wallachian Prince Constantin Şerban, who occupied Iaşi and took over as Voivode. These harassments, coupled with Ottoman demands and Tatar raids, caused a deep crisis in Moldavia, worsened by an epidemic of what was thought to be the bubonic plague.

The ensuing famine accounts for Ştefăniţă's moniker: resources would have been so scarce that people resorted to grinding typha, and baking it as bread.

The Prince ended his life due to an illness, while assisting Turks and Tatars in fortifying Budjak against Cossacks.

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