Žena za pultem (the woman behind the counter) was a Czechoslovak television programme which was first broadcast in 1977. The programme was directed by Jaroslav Dietl. The programme was noted for an erotic scene, which received attention from the ruling Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.[1]

Žena za pultem
Written byJaroslav Dietl
Directed byJaroslav Dudek
Country of originCzechoslovakia
No. of episodes12
Running time55 minutes
Original release
Release1977 (1977) –
1978 (1978)

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Story edit

The story is about Anna Holubová, her daughter Michala, her son Petr and her husbands. The whole story takes place under socialism (in the fifth episode appears 1 May and Gustáv Husák). Furthermore, in the example is mentioned SSM (Socialist Union of Youth). Anna after the divorce starts working in a convenience store, where she meets her future husband while solving problems with stammering Jiřinka warehouse keeper Dominik, or Vilímek who likes her. But children do not like Anna's future husband (Peter Haničinec). Mother (Dana Medřická) again likes the way she moved (she works in the so-called OÚNZ - District Institute of National Health). Eventually, the children of Anna displease their father (Josef Langmiler), and permit Anna to get married again. The entire story takes place in one year (12 parts of 12 months).

Episodes edit

  • 1.Anna nastupuje - Anna gets into work
  • 2.Příběh zeleninové Jiřinky - The story of "Vegetable Jiřinka"
  • 3.Příběh šéfova zástupce - The story of the deputy of the boss
  • 4.Příběh řeznice Lady a skladníka Oskara - The story of the butcher Lada and the warehouseman Oscar
  • 5.Příběh starého Dominika - The story of old Dominik
  • 6.Vítězství prodavačky Kaláškové - The victory of shop assistant Kalášková
  • 7.Příběh učednice Zuzany - The story of the apprentice Zuzana
  • 8.Příběh dvou pokladních - The story of two cashiers
  • 9.Příběh důchodkyně Kubánkové - The story of the pensioner Kubánková
  • 10.Příběh šéfova syna - The story of the boss' son
  • 11.Svatba lahůdkové Olinky - The wedding of the "Deli Olinka"
  • 12.Vánoce Anny Holubové - Anna Holubová's Christmas

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