Żelazowa Wola

Żelazowa Wola (Polish pronunciation: [ʐɛlaˈzɔva ˈvɔla]) is a village in Gmina Sochaczew, Sochaczew County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland.[1] It lies on the Utrata River, some 8 kilometres (5 mi) northeast of Sochaczew and 46 km (29 mi) west of Warsaw. Żelazowa Wola has a population of 65.

Żelazowa Wola
Chopin's birthplace
Żelazowa Wola is located in Poland
Żelazowa Wola
Żelazowa Wola
Coordinates: 52°15′N 20°19′E / 52.250°N 20.317°E / 52.250; 20.317
Country Poland
GminaGmina Sochaczew

The village is the birthplace of the Polish pianist and composer Frédéric Chopin. It is known for its picturesque Masovian landscape, including numerous winding streams surrounded by willows and hills.

In 1909, in celebration of Chopin's centenary, Russian composer Sergei Lyapunov wrote the symphonic poem, Zhelazova Vola (Żelazowa Wola), Op. 37 (Russian: Желязова-Воля), "in memory of Chopin".[2]

Housed in an annex to the Chopin's home, surrounded by a park, is a museum devoted to the composer. In summer, concerts of his music are performed by pianists from all over the world, who play inside the family home. In an adjacent park is a monument to the pianist, designed by Józef Gosławski.[3]


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