Ștefan VI Rareș

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Ştefan VI Rareş (died 1 September 1552) was ruler of Moldavia in 1551 and 1552.

Ştefan Rareş
Biserica Sfântul Dumitru din Suceava11.jpg
Prince of Moldavia
Reign11 June 1551 – 1 September 1552
PredecessorIlie II Rareş
SuccessorIoan Joldea
Bornc. 1530
Died1 September 1552
FatherPetru Rareş

Ştefan was a son of Petru Rareş and succeeded to the Moldavian throne on 11 June 1551 when his brother Ilie II Rareş was forced to abdicate by the Ottoman Empire.

He attempted to create an alliance with the German King Ferdinand I against the Ottomans, but was unsuccessful. He attempted an invasion of Transylvania in 1552, and when this failed he was assassinated by his boyars.

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