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Şanlıurfa Museum (Turkish: Şanlıurfa Müzesi) is an archaeological museum in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. It is located at 11 Nisan Fuar Caddesi, Şanlıurfa (across the Şanlıurfa Piazza Mall). In this Museum, findings from the surrounding area, i. e. from Göbekli Tepe or Harran, and from the Southeastern Anatolia Project are exhibited.

The new museum inaugurated in 2015 has 3 floors and covers 2,500 square meters of indoor space. The old museum located at Çamlık Caddesi was opened in 1969 with a display area of 1500sq.m. Later on annexes were added. Before that, archaeological finds were displayed in the rooms of the Şehit-Nüsret-elementary school, therefore in Atatürk-elementary school.


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