Şükrullah was a 15th-century Ottoman historian and diplomat.[2][1] He was one of the earliest Ottoman historians.

Diedafter 1464[1]
EraOttoman Empire
Main interest(s)Ottoman history
Notable work(s)Behcetü't-Tevârîh
("Joy of Histories")


Şükrullah was born in 1388 and his father's name was Şehâbeddin Ahmed. He entered the Ottoman service in 1409.[1] He served as judge in Bursa. In 1449, Şükrullah was sent by Murad II to the Qoyunlu Confederacy as an ambassador.[3] It was here, during the reign of Jahan Shah, that he encountered a history of the Oghuz Turks.[3]


His works include both historical and religious writings. He wrote a famous universal history in the 1460s Persian language named Behcetü't-Tevârîh or Bahjut al-tâwarikh (Joy of Histories) and presented it to Mahmud Pasha Angelovic.[2] His work was used by later Ottoman historians.


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