Ōno no Azumabito

Ōno no Azumabito (大野 東人, died December 7, 742) was a samurai and court official of Japan's Nara period. A child of Ōno no Hatayasu (大野 果安).

In 724, he fought alongside Fujiwara no Umakai against the Emishi people of Mutsu Province. Azumabito was later appointed to the Imperial positions of chinjufu-shōgun (Commander-in-chief of the Defense of the North) and Azechi (Inspector). He also aided in the suppression of the 740 revolt of Fujiwara no Hirotsugu (the Dazai shoni of the Dazaifu on Kyushu). The rebellion ended with Fujiwara's defeat and death.[1]


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