Čeněk of Wartenberg

Čeněk of Wartenberg (Czech: Čeněk z Vartemberka; German: Vinzenz von Wartenberg; c. 1379 – 17 September 1425)[1] was a commander of the Royalist Bohemian forces at the start of the Hussite Wars.[2] Up until the first half of 1420 he was a commander of the Utraquist League, a moderate fraction of the Hussite movement. As a result of severe atrocities committed by Taborites,[3] members of the more radical part of this movement, he returned to the royalist/Catholic side.

Čeněk z Vartemberka
Bornc. 1379
Died17 September 1425
Veliš Castle, Crown of Bohemia
AllegianceUtraquist (1419–20, 1421, 1425)
Royalist (1421–24)
RankHighest Burgrave of Bohemia
Battles/warsVyšehradVítkov HillHořice
A scene from the Hussite Wars


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