Östra Småland

Östra Småland, also known as Östran, was a local newspaper based in Kalmar, Sweden. The paper was in circulation between 1928 and 2019.

Östra Småland
TypeLocal newspaper
FormatTabloid format
Owner(s)Swedish Social Democratic Party
PublisherÖstra Småland AB
Political alignmentSocial democracy
Ceased publication2019
OCLC number185290443

History and profileEdit

Östra Småland was started in 1928.[1][2] The paper was owned by the Swedish Social Democratic Party.[3] It was published by Östra Småland AB, a subsidiary of Gota Media AB.[4][5] The paper had a social democratic political stance.[6] It was published in tabloid format.[7]

In the second half of the 1950s Östra Småland enjoyed higher levels of circulation.[1] In December 2019 the paper ceased publication due to low profitability.[8]


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