Éric Vigner

Éric Vigner (born October 27, 1960 in Rennes, France) is a French stage director, actor and scenic designer. He is directing the CDDB-Théâtre de Lorient, Centre Dramatique National from 1996 to 2015.

Éric Vigner
Eric Vigner.jpg
Éric Vigner in 2015.
BornOctober 27, 1960
Rennes, France
EducationENSATT, CNSAD, Paris
Known forStage director, Scenic designer, Theater director
Notable work
France, Russia, South Korea, Albania, United States, Romania, Canada, India
AwardsNomination Molière Awards 1996, French-Corean Cultural Prize 2004
ElectedOfficier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres


Éric Vigner graduated from the University of Brittany, France, in the visual arts. He then studied in Paris, at the National School of theatre art and techniques (ENSATT) and at the National Drama Academy CNSAD. His consecutive qualifications naturally led towards directorship.

In 1990 he founded his own theater company SUZANNE M. Éric Vigner. In 1996 he was appointed by the Minister of Culture (France) to direct Brittany's Drama Centre, henceforth called the CDDB-Théâtre de Lorient. Since 1996 the graphic artists M/M Paris are in charge of the CDDB's visual communication. Besides Vigner's commitment to contemporary playwrights such as Marguerite Duras and Roland Dubillard, for which he was awarded the honour of Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1998, Vigner developed a new approach to the French classics - Racine's Bajazet (Comédie-Française 1995), Corneille's L’Illusion Comique (Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers 1996), Victor Hugo's Marion De Lorme (Théâtre de la Ville 1999), Molière's L’École des femmes (Comédie-Française 1999) and Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (French-Korea cultural prize 2004) and Shakeapeare's Othello (Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe 2008).

In October 2010, Vigner founded his international theater Academy. The Academy follows the principles of a little democracy and assembles seven young trilingual actors from seven cultural backgrounds - Morocco, Romania, Mali, Belgium, South Korea, Germany, Israel. They work on classical as well as contemporary forms of writing and present La Place Royale by Corneille, Guantanamo by Frank Smith and La Faculté by Christophe Honoré.

He has chosen a course as a pioneer, an "’inter-lingual" navigator, building on dramatic art as common ground. He developed international collaborations to last over the years, searching for a genuine mutual cultural transmission. He directed in different languages and cultural backgrounds: at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul, The Bourgeois Gentleman by Molière and Jean-Baptiste Lully (French-Korean Cultural Prize 2004); twice at the National Theater of Albania, Tirana, 2007,The Barber of Seville by Beaumarchais (Price Festival Bharat Rang Mahotsav, Inde 2011), and 2016, Lucrezia Borgia by Victor Hugo (Festival Theatre National de Bretagne, France 2017); at 7 Stages Theater, Atlanta, 2008, In the Solitude of Cotton Fields by Bernard-Marie Koltès (U.S. Koltès Project); in India, Gates to India Song based on The Vice Consul and India Song by Marguerite Duras (Festival Bonjour India, Bombay, Calcutta, New-Delhi, 2013); at the Odeon Theatre in Bucharest, 2016, during Romania's campaign for Unesco's approval of The Wisdom of the Earth sculpture by Constantin Brancusi, he staged the famous trial from 1928 - Brancusi versus the United States.


Theatre productionsEdit

"The theater which I am interested in develops a form for the spectator to project himself into, to reinvent himself. For me, theater is not a place to come to in order to get answers, but a place where it is possible to revisit stories, our ones, the intimate, forgotten ones - in fact an unfamiliar place into which the spectator can enter. Theater needs to carry in itself its counterpart, its paradox : "to be or not to be", to be one thing and at the same time something else. For example, when Cézanne paints apples and says "It is with an apple that I want to amaze Paris", his subject is not the apple. His subject is painting. The same goes for theater. It is not the story we are actually attached to, but the theater itself."

Éric Vigner

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Scenic designsEdit

  • 1983: L'instruction by Peter Weiss, directed by Robert Angebaud
  • 1984: La Casa Nova by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Robert Angebaud
  • 1984: Peinture-sur-Bois by Ingmar Bergman, directed by François Kergoulay
  • 1985: Pusuda Le Guetteur by Cahit Atay, directed by François Kergourlay
  • 1986: La Place royale by Pierre Corneille
  • 1990: La Maison d'os by Roland Dubillard
  • 1992: Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse based on the works of Alphonse Allais, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Jean Genet, Roland Dubillard, Georges Courteline, Franz Marc
  • 1993: La Pluie d'été by Marguerite Duras
  • 1993: Le soir de l'Obériou - Elizavieta Bam by Daniil Charms
  • 1994: Le Jeune Homme by Jean Audureau
  • 1994: Reviens à toi (encore) by Grégory Motton
  • 1996: L'Illusion comique by Pierre Corneille
  • 2000: Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco
  • 2000: La Didone, opera composed by Francesco Cavalli, musical director Christophe Rousset
  • 2001: La Bête dans la jungle adapted by Marguerite Duras, based on the play by James Lord and the novel by Henry James
  • 2002: Savannah Bay by Marguerite Duras
  • 2003: ...Où boivent les vaches by Roland Dubillard
  • 2003: L'Empio punito, opera by Alessandro Melani, musical director Christophe Rousset
  • 2004: Le Jeu du kwi-jok ou Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by Molière, music by Jean-Baptiste Lully
  • 2004: Place des Héros (Heldenplatz) by Thomas Bernhard, directed by Arthur Nauzyciel at the Comédie-Française
  • 2007: Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare by Rémi De Vos
  • 2007: Le Barbier de Séville (The Barber of Seville) by Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
  • 2007: Savannah Bay by Marguerite Duras
  • 2007: Débrayage by Rémi De Vos
  • 2008: In the Solitude of Cotton Fields by Bernard-Marie Koltès
  • 2008: Othello by William Shakespeare
  • 2009: Sextett by Rémi De Vos
  • 2010: Le Barbier de Séville (The Barber of Seville) by Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
  • 2011: La Place Royale by Pierre Corneille
  • 2011: Guantanamo by Frank Smith
  • 2012: La Faculté by Christophe Honoré
  • 2013: Gates to India Song, based on the works of Marguerite Duras India Song and Le Vice-Consul, Festival Bonjour India, Delhi (Residence de France (ambassade)); Kolkata (Tagore House, Rabindra Bharati University); Mumbai (Prithvi Theatre et NCPA)
  • 2013: Orlando, opera composed by George Frideric Handel, musical director Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Théâtre de Lorient
  • 2014: "Tristan" by Éric Vigner
  • 2017: Lukrecia Borxhia, by Victor Hugo, Albanian National Theater, Tirana
  • 2018 : Partage de midi by Paul Claudel, Théâtre National de Strasbourg

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