Éditions Rencontre

Éditions Rencontre (Meeting Editions) was a left wing publishing house in Francophone Switzerland founded in Lausanne in 1950. In 1970 they sold 6 million books globally to the Francophone world.[1]

Éditions Rencontre was founded as a co-operative society on 16 June 1950.[2] It was founded with the aim of establishing La revue Rencontre, a youth culture magazine despite the founders having no experience in the publishing world. However it became one of the most important book clubs in Europe.[2] The six founding members were:[2][3]

However, they soon involved Pierre Balthasar de Muralt, who soon became the principal person running the company, particularly after the review and the publishing house split.[2]

In 1953 they started producing the "Great Novels" series, under the direction of Louis Guilloux.[2]

By 1968 the company employed 550 people in Lausanne.[3]


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