Çeşme Castle

Çeşme Castle is a historic castle in Çeşme, Turkey.

Çeşme Castle
İzmir Province, Turkey
Cesme Castle, Turkey - panoramio.jpg
Çeşme Castle from the west
Çeşme Castle is located in Turkey
Çeşme Castle
Çeşme Castle
Coordinates38°19′25″N 26°18′13″E / 38.3236°N 26.3036°E / 38.3236; 26.3036Coordinates: 38°19′25″N 26°18′13″E / 38.3236°N 26.3036°E / 38.3236; 26.3036
Site information
Open to
the public
ConditionMain room still standing.
Site history
Built byOttoman Empire
DemolishedMostly standing
Battles/warsÇeşme Battle


The castle is located in Çeşme ilçe (district) of İzmir Province at 38°19′25″N 26°18′13″E / 38.3236°N 26.3036°E / 38.3236; 26.3036. Its distance to İzmir is 35 kilometres (22 mi).[1]Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Paşa Monument is in front of the castle and Çeşme Museum is a situated in the castle.[2]


During the Growth of the Ottoman Empire, Çeşme was attacked twice by the Venetians in 1472 and in 1501.[3] The castle was built as a precaution against further attacks. It was built in 1508 during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Bayezit II. Its commissioner was Mir Haydar, the governor of Aidin Vilayet.[4] It was originally a seaside castle but because of the alluvial deposits it is now slightly inland. The castle became a Tentative World Heritage Site in 2020.[5]

Castle and the activitiesEdit

Çeşme Castle from the north

The rectangular plan castle has moats on three sides six bastions. It is used as a festival center. Both Çeşme International Music festival and Çeşme festival are held in the castle.[2]


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