Çanta, Silivri

Çanta (meaning "bag" in Turkish) is a town in Silivri district of Istanbul Province, Turkey, on the European side of the city. It is accessible from the state road D.100 that runs from Istanbul to Edirne, and is home to 4,739 people (2000 census).

Çanta is located in Istanbul
Coordinates: 41°04′50″N 28°04′55″E / 41.08056°N 28.08194°E / 41.08056; 28.08194Coordinates: 41°04′50″N 28°04′55″E / 41.08056°N 28.08194°E / 41.08056; 28.08194
Country Turkey
 • MayorTahir Sert
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
34570, 34580
Area code0-212
Road sign to Çanta at State road D.100.
Primary school in Çanta, Silivri.

Çanta is a newly established, modern settlement while a village with the similar name, Çantaköy, still exists neighboring the town in the north.[1] To differentiate between the both settlements, the village is called "Eski Çanta" (Old Çanta) while the town is sometimes called "Yeni Çanta" (New Çanta). Çanta has three neighborhoods, Fatih, Mimarsinan and Yolçatı.[2][3]


Census year Population[4]
1970 1,709
1975 1,688
1980 1,843
1985 1,988
1990 1,835
1997 4,430
2000 4,739


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