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Çıralı is an agricultural village in southwest Turkey, in the Kemer district of Antalya Province. It is walking distance from the ancient ruins of Olympos and Chimaera permanent gas vents, located in the ancient Lycia region of Anatolia.[citation needed]

Çıralı ve Ekolojik Turizm.JPG
Çıralı is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 36°23′48″N 30°28′23″E / 36.39667°N 30.47306°E / 36.39667; 30.47306Coordinates: 36°23′48″N 30°28′23″E / 36.39667°N 30.47306°E / 36.39667; 30.47306
Country  Turkey
Province Antalya Province
District Kemer

Çıralı is a very small rural village located just over an hour's drive southwest from Antalya. It has a 3.5 km secluded beach. The ancient ruins of Olympos are located at the far end of its coast. A long hike up the mountains is required to reach the flames of the Chimaera.[1]


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