Ælfhun (or Ælphunus) was a medieval Bishop of Dunwich.

Bishop of Dunwich
Statue on church green - geograph.org.uk - 2077449.jpg
Modern statue of Ælfhun in Sudbury, Suffolk
Appointedbetween 789 and 793
Term endedc. 798
Consecrationbetween 789 and 793
Personal details
Diedc. 798

Ælfhun was consecrated between 789 and 793 and died about 798.[1] The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that he died at Sudbury, Suffolk and his body was carried back to Dunwich for burial.[2] A Portland stone statue of Ælfhun stands on The Croft at Sudbury, sculpted in 1999 by Alan Michlewaite.[3]


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