Ángel Sala (born 1964) is the director of the Sitges Film Festival.[1]

Ángel Sala
Àngel Sala, Festival de Sitges 2017.jpg
Ángel Sala during the Sitges Film Festival of 2017
Àngel Sala

1964 (age 58–59)
Occupation(s)Writer, screenwriter and film critic

A Serbian Film was banned by a court in San Sebastián, Spain for "threatening sexual freedom" and thus could not be shown in the XXI Semana de Cine Fantástico y de Terror (21st Horror and Fantasy Film Festival).[2] The film was shown at an adults-only screening at the Spanish Sitges Film Festival during October 2010. As a result, the festival's director Ángel Sala was charged with exhibiting child pornography by the Spanish prosecutor who decided to take action in May 2011 after receiving a complaint from a Roman Catholic organization over a pair of scenes involving the rapes of a young child and a newborn.[3] The charges were later dropped.[4]

Paradoxically, film was awarded in others festivals like the Fantasporto in Porto, Portugal.[5][6] Film was presented in 40 countries, and only in Spain had this problem.[7]

Several directors of different film festivals (Sevilla, San Sebastián, Valladolid, Málaga, Pamplona, Huelva and Granada, etc.) sent letters to Salas showing their support.[8]

He has written several books about films.[9] It includes Tiburón: Vas a necesitar un barco más grande!: el filme que cambió Hollywood (2005), about the film Jaws (1975);[10][11] Profanando el sueño de los muertos: la historia jamás contada del cine fantástico español (2010), about Spanish cinema;[12][13] and Just imagine: 50 títulos esenciales del cine de ciencia ficción (2017), about science fiction films.[14][15]



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