Águilas Club de Fútbol was a Spanish football team in Águilas, in the autonomous community of Murcia. Founded in 1925 and dissolved in 2010, it played its last season (2009–10) in Segunda División B – Group 2, holding home games at Estadio El Rubial, with a 3,000 seat capacity.

Aguilas CF.png
Full nameÁguilas Club de Fútbol
GroundEl Rubial, Águilas,
Murcia, Spain
2009–102ªB – Group 2, 20th


Águilas FC was founded in 1925, and played most of its history in lower levels. In July 2010, after five consecutive seasons in the third division, the club disappeared due to heavy debts.[1]

The origin of football in ÁguilasEdit

Águilas FC was founded in 1925, but before the foundation of this one, other teams existed. In 1896 the Sporting Club Aguileño was founded. This team was the best of the region during the decade of 1900, because they won 26 matches of 26, without giving up a goal. The Sporting Club Aguileño disappeared in 1907 due to the lack of rivals. The Club Deportivo Aguileño was founded in 1907 and remained undefeated till 1917. The CD Aguileño folded in 1921 due to economic problems. Until 1925 the only teams in Águilas were the Arenas, Gimnástico and Universitari. In September 1924 the Region of Murcia Football Federation was created, but none of the Águilas teams enrolled in the federation; however, that year the Águilas FC played a match against Real Murcia.

Águilas CF foundationEdit

Immediately, a new club was founded in the city, Águilas FC, which started playing in the regional leagues.[2]

In 1925 the Águilas FC was founded. The team played its first match against Almería FC and the result was 1–1. The team can´t have high aspirations, because their best players played in Lorca FC. After being in regional categories for several years, the team debuted in Tercera División in 1956 and in 1998 debuted in Segunda División B.

Debut in Segunda B and the Segunda División B play-offsEdit

In 1999, their first season in Segunda B, they managed to achieve the permanency, but the team was relegated to Tercera División. Águilas CF return to Segunda B in 2005, they ended the season in second position and they played their first Segunda División B play-off, but they were eliminated by Alicante CF in the first round.

In 2007, Águilas Cf received the Royal Order of Sports Merit silver plate granted by the Sports Council. After the 2008 elections, one Murcia´s businessman called Antonio Vicente García became president of the club. Antonio starts a project to reach the Segunda División B play-off again, but the project fails and the team gets involved in serious economic problems.


The official uniform is based on a blue and white shirt with vertical stripes, a blue sport pants and a white and blue socks with horizontal stripes.


The Águilas CF played their games in “El Rubial”. The stadium seats 4000 spectators and was football´s oldest stadium active in Spain after “El Molinón”. Its dimensions are 95x65 meters.

Season to seasonEdit

Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
from 29–30 Regional
to 53–54 Regional
1954/55 4 1ª Reg. 6th
1955/56 4 1ª Reg.
1956/57 3 15th
1957/58 3 10th
1958/59 3 8th
1959/60 3 14th
1960/61 3 15th
1961/62 3 10th
1962/63 3 14th
1963/64 3 15th
1964/65 4 1ª Reg. 2nd
1965/66 3 5th
1966/67 3 10th
1967/68 3 10th
1968/69 3 19th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1969/70 4 1ª Reg. 14th
1970/71 5 2ª Reg. 3rd
1971/72 5 1ª Reg. 4th
1972/73 5 1ª Reg. 6th
1973/74 5 1ª Reg. 13th
1974/75 5 1ª Reg. 10th
1975/76 5 1ª Reg. 6th
1976/77 5 1ª Reg. 10th
1977/78 6 1ª Reg. 1st
1978/79 5 Reg. Pref. 13th
1979/80 5 Reg. Pref. 13th
1980/81 4 14th
1981/82 4 14th
1982/83 4 9th
1983/84 4 17th
1984/85 4 7th
1985/86 4 6th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
1986/87 4 14th
1987/88 4 12th
1988/89 4 18th
1989/90 4 2nd
1990/91 4 4th
1991/92 4 2nd
1992/93 4 10th
1993/94 4 1st
1994/95 4 2nd
1995/96 4 4th
1996/97 4 4th
1997/98 4 2nd
1998/99 3 2ªB 15th
1999/00 3 2ªB 20th
2000/01 4 6th
2001/02 4 3rd
2002/03 4 4th
Season Tier Division Place Copa del Rey
2003/04 4 6th
2004/05 4 1st
2005/06 3 2ªB 2nd
2006/07 3 2ªB 8th
2007/08 3 2ªB 6th
2008/09 3 2ªB 10th
2009/10 3 2ªB 20th


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