¡Asu Mare!

Asu Mare (Spanish: ¡Asu Mare!, lit.'Asu Mare') is a 2013 Peruvian comedy motion picture. It's a movie adaptation of the stand-up comedy show by the same name by Carlos Alcántara, starring himself.[2][3] Directed by Ricardo Maldonado and produced by Tondero Films, the film premiered on April 11, 2013 nationwide.[4]

Asu Mare
Theatrical poster
Directed byRicardo Maldonado
Produced byMiguel Valladares
Carlos Alcántara
Written byCarlos Alcántara
StarringCarlos Alcántara
Ana Cecilia Natteri
Gisela Ponce de León
Emilia Drago
Music byJosé San Miguel
Carlos San Miguel
Tondero Films
Distributed byNew Century Films[1]
Release date
  • April 11, 2013 (2013-04-11)
Budget700 000 USD
Box office10.700.000 USD

This film brings together most of the actors from the Peruvian sitcom Pataclaun (1997—99).[5]


The story follows the adventures of Carlos Alcántara on his way to fame from his childhood in the "Unidad Vecinal Mirones". It is a recreation of his youth and experiences with his mother. In the beginning he explains how he started to admire music but later realized that he couldn't sing. So he later tried being an actor but got framed in the process. Later on he finds himself down on his luck but later a young boy who was a street performer gives him his clown nose and its from there that plans to get some acting lessons. Later he and a couple of close friends make a team known as Pataclaun that becomes a great hit in Peru. From there he gets to be well known around the country and gets fame. In the end he thanks his mom for all the support she gave him in the good and bad times.


  • Carlos Alcántara as himself
  • Ana Cecilia Natteri as Isabel "Chabela" Vilar
  • Gisela Ponce de León as Isabel "Chabela" Vilar (young)
  • Emilia Drago as Emilia
  • Dayiro Castañeda as Carlos Alcántara (child)
  • Santiago Suárez as Carlos Alcántara (young)
  • Andrés Salas as Culicich
  • Anahí de Cárdenas as Emilia's friend
  • Franco Cabrera as Carlos's friend

Guest appearancesEdit

  • Gisela Valcárcel as herself
  • Tatiana Astengo as Marujita
  • Carlos Carlín as janitor
  • Wendy Ramos as gypsy
  • Johanna San Miguel as Socorro
  • Gonzalo Torres as professor
  • Katia Condos as lady at the party

Other appearancesEdit

  • Juan Manuel Ochoa as Monfu
  • Mario Velásquez as swindler
  • Carlos Cano as Carlos's uncle
  • Daniel Marquina as soldier
  • Jossie Lindley as Emilia's mom
  • Carolina Cano as girl at the beach
  • Ana Rosa Liendo as teacher
  • Carlos Cabrera as Ferrando
  • Katia Palma as Carlos's aunt

Box OfficeEdit

During the first week of May 14, 2013, the movie broke all time-records in Peru as the viewership increased to 2.34 million people compared to 2.31 million people from Ice Age 4 in 2012. It also broke records for the most viewers on opening day, and the fastest film to reach one million in ticket sales. It is the second highest grossing Peruvian film after The Motorcycle Diaries.[6][7]


A sequel, titled Asu Mare 2 was released on April 9, 2015. Ricardo Maldonado returned as director and Carlos Alcántara returned as writer and the protagonist


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