Zuidplein metro station

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Zuidplein is an above-ground metro station in the south of the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is part of Rotterdam Metro lines D and E.

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Rotterdam Metro station
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Coordinates51°53′13″N 4°29′19″E / 51.88694°N 4.48861°E / 51.88694; 4.48861Coordinates: 51°53′13″N 4°29′19″E / 51.88694°N 4.48861°E / 51.88694; 4.48861
Owned byRET
PlatformsSide platforms
Structure typeElevated
Preceding station   Rotterdam Metro   Following station
toward De Akkers
Line D
Line E

The station opened on 9 February 1968, on the same date that the North-South Line (also formerly called Erasmus line), of which it is a part, was opened. It served as the southern terminus of the line until 25 November 1970, when a one-station extension to Slinge was opened.

Zuidplein station is located immediately adjacent to a large shopping centre of the same name. Rotterdam Ahoy, a large indoor arena, is also within walking distance of the station. A bus station is located directly underneath the metro station, providing access to local bus services.