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The Zavodskaya line was a freight railway in Russia. The railway was opened in May 1916 for transportation to the Sestroretsk armory. The rolling stock was leased from Finnish railways. The start of World War I was the initial reason for the construction of the railway. The length of the line passed entirely on the territory of the Russia.

Zavodskaya line
Russian: Заводская линия
TypeHeavy rail
SystemCommuter cargo railroad
ServicesBeloostrov - Sestroretsk
OpenedMay 1916
OwnerRussian Empire Government
Operator(s)Russian Empire Government
Rolling stockLeased from Finnish railways
Line length5.4 km (3.36 mi)
Track gauge1,524 mm (5 ft)
Russian Empire Railways, Saint Petersburg - Beloostrov
Zavodskaya line (1916 - 1920s)
lake Rasliw
Sestroretsk armory
5.4 Sestroretsk railway station
line Miller's line
5.2 To
line SPb-Sestr.-Beloostr.
Up arrow
Up arrow
3.9 Up arrow
3.6 Down arrow
line Sestroretsk spur line
line Miller's line
3.4 Sestra crossover
line Vyborg line
Up arrow
Up arrow
Up arrow Solnechnoye
0.0 Beloostrov
line Vyborg line
Down arrow
Down arrow
Down arrow Pesochny
Distances in kilometers


The line partially used old lines from the Sestroretsk spur line:

  • In that part where the Sestra river forms the frontier, the railroad tracks go on the Russian side.
  • Further, in that part where both coasts are Russian, the line crosses the river at Sestra crossover.
  • The Sestroretsk station also lies along the Sestroretsk spur line.


The line existed for only a brief period. After the Russian Revolution (1917), the Sestroretsk armory practically stopped production, and in the 1920s, there was a complication of relations between the USSR and Finland. The bridge was destroyed, and the line was disassembled.

Partial re-openingEdit

Later, the part of a line from the bridge straight across the Sestra river was restored and was a part of the Sestroretsk direction.[1]


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