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You Can Dance (German TV series)

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You Can Dance was a German televised dance competition based on the format of the international So You Think You Can Dance television franchise. Hosted by Anna Maier, the show broadcast a single season in 2006/2007, crowning ballroom dancer Dennis Jauch as champion in its finale.[1]

You Can Dance
Logo - You Can Dance (Germany).jpg
Presented by Anna Maier
Judges Julie Pecquet
Kelechi Onyele
Paul Kribbe
Dirk Elwert
Country of origin Germany Germany
No. of seasons 1
Running time 1-2 hours
Original network Sat.1
Original release 2010


Top 14 finalistsEdit

  • Ricarda Stürmer
  • Sarah Hammerschmidt
  • Marita Pohle
  • Yasemin Celikkan
  • Nicole Sommer
  • Eva Nitsch
  • Dorina Djouglarska
  • Robin Grimm
  • Jimmie Surles
  • Camillo Lauricella
  • Kim Willecke
  • Christopher Jonas
  • Cale Stanojevic


Judges panelEdit

  • Julie Pecquet
  • Kelechi Onyele
  • Paul Kribbe
  • Dirk Elwert



  • Marvin A. Smith
  • Nina Uszkureit
  • Emile Moise
  • Marco da Silva
  • Aziz Khadjeh-Nouri


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