Wyse Fork Confederate order of battle

The following units and commanders fought in the Battle of Wyse Fork. The Union order of battle is listed separately.

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Department of North CarolinaEdit

Gen Braxton Bragg

Hoke's DivisionEdit

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Hoke's Division
     MG Robert F. Hoke

Clingman's Brigade

   Col William S. Devane

  • 8th North Carolina
  • 31st North Carolina
  • 51st North Carolina
  • 61st North Carolina
Kirkland's Brigade

   BG William W. Kirkland

  • 17th North Carolina
  • 42nd North Carolina
  • 66th North Carolina
Hagood's Brigade

   BG Johnson Hagood

  • Contingent of Ltc John D. Taylor
    • 36th North Carolina
    • 1st North Carolina Heavy Artillery Battalion
    • 13th North Carolina Light Artillery Battalion
  • Contingent of Maj William A. Holland
    • 40th North Carolina
Colquitt's Brigade

   Col Charles Zachry

  • 6th Georgia
  • 19th Georgia
  • 23rd Georgia
  • 27th Georgia
  • 28th Georgia
North Carolina Junior Reserves Brigade

   BG Laurence S. Baker

  • 1st North Carolina Junior Reserves
  • 2nd North Carolina Junior Reserves
  • 3rd North Carolina Junior Reserves
  • 20th North Carolina Junior Reserves Battalion
Whitford's Brigade

   Col John N. Whitford

  • 67th North Carolina
  • 68th North Carolina

   Ltc Joseph B. Starr

  • 13th North Carolina Light Artillery Battalion (companies B and E)

Contingent from Army of TennesseeEdit

MG Daniel Harvey Hill

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Clayton's Division, Lee's Corps
     MG Henry D. Clayton

Stovall's Brigade

   Col Henry C. Kellogg

Jackson's Brigade

   Ltc James C. Gordon

Pettus' Brigade

   BG Edmund M. Pettus

  • 20th Alabama
  • 30th Alabama

Hill's Division
     Col John G. Coltart

Manigault's Brigade

   Ltc John C. Carter

Deas' Brigade

   Col Harry Toulmin

Detachment from Stewart's Corps
     MG Edward C. Walthall

Scott's Brigade

   Cpt John A. Dixon

  • 12th Louisiana
  • 27th-35th-49th Alabama
Quarles' Brigade

   BG George Doherty Johnston

  • 1st Alabama
  • 17th Alabama
  • 29th Alabama
  • 42nd-46th-49th-53rd-55th Tennessee
Featherston's Brigade

   Maj Martin A. Oatis

  • 1st Mississippi
  • 3rd Mississippi
  • 22nd Mississippi
  • 31st Mississippi
  • 33rd Mississippi
  • 40th Mississippi
  • 1st Mississippi Battalion
Lowry's Brigade

   Ltc Robert Lawrence

  • 6th Mississippi
  • 14th Mississippi
  • 15th Mississippi
  • 20th Mississippi
  • 23rd Mississippi
  • 43rd Mississippi


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