World Hereford Council

The World Hereford Council is the international breeding authority on Hereford cattle, existing for the promotion of breed excellence and the cultivation of global trade in Hereford genetics. Originally based in England, at the Hereford Cattle Society, the Council was established in 1951 as a response to the increasingly widespread international export and breeding of Hereford cattle, and the need to maintain a global authority connecting Hereford cattle to the original English herd book.[1][2]

The Headquarters of the Council are based in the country of residence of the Secretary General (Uruguay, as of 2015), and move with each new election.[3]

The World Hereford Council aims to advance the mutual interests of pedigree Hereford breeders on a worldwide scale, to act as an international breed authority, and to act as mediator in any disagreements or conflicts that may occur between any of the member countries. Structurally, the Council is led by a Secretary General, voted in by the twenty member countries (each nominating two representatives).

Member CountriesEdit

  • American Hereford Association – United States of America
  • Asociacion Argentina Criadores de Hereford – Argentina
  • Herefords Australia Ltd. – Australia
  • Associação Brasileira de Hereford e Braford – Brazil
  • Canadian Hereford Association] – Canada
  • Danish Hereford Cattle Society – Denmark
  • Animal Breeders Association of Estonia – Estonia
  • Finnish Hereford Society – Finland
  • German Hereford Association – Germany
  • Hungarian Hereford Association – Hungary
  • Irish Hereford Breed Society – Ireland
  • Republican Chamber of Hereford Breed – Kazakhstan
  • Dutch Hereford Society – Netherlands
  • New Zealand Hereford Association Inc. – New Zealand
  • Norway Hereford Association – Norway
  • South African Hereford Breeders' Society – South Africa
  • Swedish Hereford Association – Sweden
  • IG Swiss Hereford – Switzerland
  • Hereford Cattle Society – United Kingdom
  • Sociedad Criadores de Hereford del Uruguay – Uruguay



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