Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

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Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (known as Wordament on iOS and Android) is a word puzzle game published by Microsoft Studios, first released for Windows Phone as 'Wordament' on April 24, 2012.[1][2] The game was relaunched in June 2017 with two new game modes, Crosswords and Jumble.

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games
Microsoft Ultimate Word Games.png
Developer(s)Microsoft Casual Games
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios
Platform(s)Windows 10, iOS, Android
ReleaseWindows 10
  • WW: June 7, 2017
Genre(s)Word puzzle


The game had the distinction that allows optional access to online leaderboards through Xbox Live service from all platforms, including iOS and Android devices.[3][4] Through the service, the game gives out achievements and the associated Gamerscore as reward, even if the user is using a non-Microsoft device.[5][6]

Rules and GameplayEdit

The English language version of Wordament game consists of a four by four matrix of letters from the English alphabet. Players form meaningful English words by dragging a finger across the letters in the required order to score points. Each letter is assigned an individual score depending on its occurrences in the possible words. Each game lasts for two minutes. Wordament takes place round the clock, and an internet (WiFi) connection is required to play the game.

The game consists of various rounds. In the Speed Round, every word has an associated score of 13 points regardless of its length or components. In the Either/Or Round, a particular tile out of the sixteen is treated as representing either of two different letters.


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