Woodland Joint Unified School District (California)

Woodland Joint Unified School District or WJUSD is a school district in Woodland, California. Established in July 1965, it now has a budget of over $111,200,000.[1] The student population of the district was just over 10,500 in the 2018-2019 year.[1] It contains: 11 elementary schools, one charter elementary school, two middle schools, two high schools, one continuation high school, and one adult education center.

Elementary schoolsEdit

  • Beamer Park Elementary School
  • Dingle Elementary School
  • Freeman Elementary School
  • Gibson Elementary School
  • Rhoda Maxwell Elementary School
  • Plainfield Elementary School
  • Ramon S. Tafoya Elementary School
  • Spring Lake Elementary School
  • Whitehead Elementary School
  • Woodland Prairie Elementary School
  • Zamora Elementary School

Middle schoolsEdit

  • Douglass Middle School
  • Lee Middle School

High schoolsEdit

Adult educationEdit

  • Woodland Adult Education

Charter schoolsEdit

  • Science and Technology Academy in Knights Landing


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