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The Women of Discovery Awards are given by the non-profit WINGS WorldQuest, in recognition of the achievements of women in science and exploration.[1] The awards were first presented in 2003,[1] the same year that WINGS WorldQuest was formed by Milbry Polk and Leila Hadley Luce.[2] Both the Board of Directors and a Junior Council at the granting organization, WINGS WorldQuest, are involved in selecting the recipients of the Women of Discovery Awards, who are thereafter known as Fellows.[3]

Women of Discovery Awards
Date2003 (2003)
Presented byWINGS WorldQuest

The WINGS Women of Discovery Awards and Fellows Program were established to celebrate the ground-breaking work of women explorers and scientists who are actively out in the field today and provide critical, unrestricted funding to support and ensure continued study.[2]

Women of Discovery Awards are given in the categories of Lifetime Achievement, Air and Space, Conservation, Courage, Earth, Field Research, Film and Exploration, Humanity, Leadership, and the Sea. In addition, some recipients have been simply designated as "Fellows", without being placed in a category.[1] The awards include an unrestricted financial grant.[3] In addition to its fellowship program, WINGS WorldQuest offers Flag Carrier grants in support of field researchers who are financing explorations.[3]


The awards are given every 1-2 years. Not all awards are given each year. In some years more the same award may be given to more than one person.[1]

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