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Adam and Eve, Duomo di Modena.

Wiligelmo (also known as Wiligelmus, Gulielmo da Modena, Cousin of Elmo or Guglielmo da Modena) was an Italian sculptor, active between c. 1099 and 1120. He was the first sculptor in Italy who started again to produce large size sculptures and signed his work.

Wiligelmo was the carver of the Creation and Temptation of Adam and Eve (ca. 1110) reliefs at the west facade of the Duomo di Modena (Cathedral of Modena) in Italy. The relief is marble and c. 1 meter high. His name is known due to an epigraph carved as a postscript to the inscription over the foundation date on the Modena cathedral's façade in Latin: "How greatly you are respected amongst sculptors, Wiligelmo, is now shown by your work." [1]


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