Wikipedia:WikiProject Eclipses/Assessment

Currently assessment is done on an ad hoc basis. There are no set criteria. Feedback on discussion page should be considered. I am waiting for a bot to move several thousand articles into the eclipse category than we can start talking about standards.

Importance: A few ideasEdit

All articles on individual eclipses should be rated at least mid if Total, and high if total and significant in some other way (duration, size of population covered, historical significance, etc.), at least Low if partial or annular. Eclipses nearer in the future should probably receive a higher importance weighting. Total and partial lunar eclipses should likewise be rated at least mid and go up from there. Partial penumbral eclipses should be rated low as they are typically not very visible and not covered in the media. Total penumbral eclipses are rare and should be rated mid. Central total eclipses are rare and notable so they should be rated at least high.

Quality (class)Edit

For rank and file eclipse articles, I don't think it matters much as they all mostly consist of a set of templates. Might not even need to rate them at all, except for highly notable eclipses. Eclipse related articles should definitely get a rating, which can be inherited from other Projects.