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This page provides a summary of the guidelines for the structure of articles written within the scope of the WikiProject Dutch municipalities. It is based on the advise of both the active WikiProject Cities advice and the previous advice of this WikiProject. Note that these are guidelines only and are not an absolute rule, some articles might contain different elements as well, only make new section when the material in each section is enough to warrant a section. Be particular careful in implementing these guidelines for extensive articles and ensure any such changes have consensus, possibly by discussing them on the relevant talk pages. Also note that municipalities and towns/cities with the same name are combined in one article. Consult WP:LOCAL to determine whether any topic warrants its own Wikipedia page in addition to what is mentioned in the main municipal article.

The general article should have the following elements and sections:

Infobox - See Wikipedia:WikiProject Dutch municipalities/Templates#Infobox settlements
Lead - Context (what and where), summary of the article, total population, name origin, see also Wikipedia:Lead section
  1. History - The etymology of the name and the history of the city/town and municipality.
  2. Population centres - An overview of population centres – towns, villages, neighbourhoods et cetera – within the municipality. Each of these population centres can be described shortly, if there is no separate article for them.
  3. Geography - Geographic setting, geographical features, climate
  4. Demographics -
  5. Economy - Dominant industries, agriculture if applicable, major employers
  6. Arts and culture - Cultural venues, festivals and significant cultural events
  7. Attractions / Amenities - Museums and other points of interest, parks (local, regional, provincial parks), recreation venues
  8. Sports - Sport teams and significant athletic events
  9. Government - Details about governing body (council, mayor), administrative bodies, political representation
  10. Infrastructure - Transport, utilities, health care, amenities
  11. Education - Schools, colleges, responsible organizations
  12. Media - Local newspapers, TV, and radio stations.
  13. Notable people -
  14. See also - Related Wikipedia articles, if not already detailed in other sections. For information see: WP:SEEALSO
  15. References - Citations per Verifiability, see Citing sources, use {{reflist}}, also books and further external sources
  16. External links - Official link of the community only, be aware of Wikipedia:External links
Geographic location - See Wikipedia:WikiProject Dutch municipalities/Templates#Geographic location
Navigation template(s) - See Wikipedia:WikiProject Dutch municipalities/Templates#Navigation templates
Categories - Don't over-categorize
Inter-wiki links -