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Wikipedia:Non-free content review

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Non-free content review was a noticeboard where Wikipedians could discuss whether media files without free content licenses are in compliance with Wikipedia's non-free content criteria.

This noticeboard was previously used for:

  • Discussing a file that has both some appropriate and inappropriate uses (that is, the deletion of the file is not a desired outcome).
  • Discussing multiple non-free images on a single page
  • Discussing whether a non-free file should be treated as free (possibly public domain or uncopyrightable)

After a community discussion, it was decided to shut down this process. This was due to files not receiving the attention they needed and confusion about whether to use this page or Wikipedia:Files for discussion. All of the above issues should instead be nominated at Wikipedia:Files for discussion.

A list of archived discussions sorted by year can be found at Wikipedia:Non-free content review/Archive.