Wikipedia:List of userbox nominations at Miscellany for Deletion

List of userbox nominations at miscellany for deletion is an information page that lists past userbox MfD nominations. Unlike most MfD listed items, the short text provided by userboxes often makes it difficult to analyze the userbox relative to Wikipedia:Userboxes. The MfDs listed below may supplement or clarify userbox deletion communal consensus to MfD participants. If you list a userbox at MfD, it may be beneficial to review discussions at MfD about userboxes that are in the same topic area as the one you are listing. This may help you in describing what it is about the MfD userbox that does not meet Wikipedia:Userboxes. This page has no policy weight.

The information originally was compiled from this grep search and may be update via the same search or personal knowledge of other Miscellany for deletion discussions regarding Userboxes.

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