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Requests for ApprovalEdit

Bot Task Status Description Activity
Task 2   Approved. Cleaning Sandboxes     -Inactive
Task 3   Approved. Getting lists from Special Pages and tagging using AWB     -Inactive
Task 4   Approved. Tagging PDF files with {{BadFormat}}     -Inactive
Task 5   Approved. Newsletter Bot     -Inactive
Task 9   Approved. Substing user talk page templates     -Inactive
Task 11   Approved. Fixing double redirects     -Inactive
Task 12   Approved. Newsletter Bot (Migration to PHP)     -Inactive
Task 15   Approved. Adding <references /> if missing and if <ref> tag is present.     -Inactive
Task 16   Approved. Tagging orphan articles as that set from here     -Inactive
Task 18   Approved. Removing orphan tags from articles that now have incoming links.     -Inactive
Task 19   Approved. Messaging wikiprojects     -Inactive
Task 20   Approved. Adding Uncategorized tags to those articles that do not contain a cat     -Inactive
Task 24   Approved. Removing UNCAT tags from pages that have more than one category on them     -Inactive
Task 27   Approved. Removing {{Deadend}} tags     -Inactive
Task 28   Approved. Removing {{Sections}} tags     -Inactive
Task 29   Approved. Removing phased out templates from pages     -Inactive
Task 31   Approved. Bundle of tasks after bot rewrite     -Inactive
Task 32   Approved. Removal of interwiki links that can be found on Wikidata     -Inactive