Who is Thanassis

Poios Thanas(s)is (Greek: Ποιος Θανάσης, Who is Thanassis) is a 1969 Greek drama/comedy film directed and written by Thanassis Vengos and starring himself, Anna Fonsou and Vangelos Ploios. The film marks the debut of Emilia Ipsilandi.

Poios Thanas(s)sis
Ποιος Θανάσης
Which Thanassis
Directed byThanassis Vengos
Produced byThanassis Vengos
Written byGiorgos Lazaridis
StarringThanassis Veggos
Anna Fonsou
Vangelos Ploios
Giorgos Velentzas
Nasos Kedrakas
Nitsa Marouda
Sasa Kazelli
Emilia Ipsilandi
Takis Miliadis
Giorgos Tzifos
Stavros Xenidi
Rena Paschalidou
Keti Sigala
Distributed byFinos Film
Release date
Running time
90 min


Thanassis Trikorfos (Vengos) is a polite and compassionate electrical appliance dealer, who helps and serves worldwide, even when he himself is in difficulty. He hires the graceful Stella (Fonsou), who needs the money since her card player friend Alekos (Ploios) ends up betting away everything she earns.

Thanassis, who has been unhappy, becomes fascinated with Stella's shrewdness and good heart. He falls in love with her, and his happiness returns. Stella feels the same way, but has to conceal it for fear of her boyfriend's reaction.

When the kind and trusting Thanassis learns the woman he loves is already engaged, his wounded heart hardens and he becomes distant. From a gallant shop owner he becomes a shrewish, domineering and demanding merchant.

Meanwhile, two of his friends (Takis Miliadis and Giorgos Velentzas) are attempting to persuade him to cooperate with secular businesswoman Margaret Kerani (Ipsilandi), whose ultimate aim is to take over the shop.

Stella, who overhears the conversation and discovers the "good friends" preparing to set the trap for Thanassis, frustrates their plans at the last moment. Because of this behavior, her love for Thanassis is finally revealed.

The film blends comedy with emotional elements and ends happily.


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