Westside, Gibraltar

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Coordinates: 36°08′32″N 5°21′19″W / 36.142182°N 5.355256°W / 36.142182; -5.355256

Gibraltar's Westside as seen from The Rock.

Westside is the largest city and de facto capital of Gibraltar. It lies between the western slopes of the Rock of Gibraltar and the eastern shores of the Bay of Gibraltar and contains over 98% of the territory's population.

It is split into six main areas:

Residential area Population 2012[1] Population 2001[2]
North District 4,267 4,116
Reclamation Areas 13,356 9,599
Sandpits 2,053 2,207
South District 5,681 4,257
Town Area 3,264 3,588
Upper Town 2,457 2,805
Gibraltar Harbour, North Mole