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2008 West Virginia Democratic primary

The 2008 West Virginia Democratic primary took place on May 13, 2008 with polls closing at 7:30 p.m. EST. It was open to Democrats and Independents. The primary determined 28 delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, who were awarded on a proportional basis. West Virginia's Democratic delegation also included 11 unpledged "superdelegates". The primary came late in the nomination race. Hillary Clinton won by a very wide margin, but her opponent Barack Obama maintained a substantial lead in the overall number of pledged delegate votes.[1]

West Virginia Democratic primary, 2008

← 2004 May 13, 2008 (2008-05-13) 2016 →
  Hillary Rodham Clinton-cropped.jpg Barack Obama.jpg
Candidate Hillary Clinton Barack Obama
Home state New York Illinois
Delegate count 20 8
Popular vote 240,890 92,736
Percentage 66.93% 25.77%


As of May 4, 2008, opinion polling showed Sen. Hillary Clinton holding a 56% to 27% lead over Sen. Barack Obama, with 17% undecided.[2]

Some of West Virginia's superdelegates also endorsed a candidate prior to the primary. By February 20, more than a month before the election, three superdelegates had announced support for Sen. Hillary Clinton (DNC Members Marie Prezioso, Pat Maroney, and Belinda Biafore), while three had endorsed Sen. Barack Obama (Rep. Nick Rahall, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, and Sen. Robert C. Byrd).[3]


Primary date: May 13, 2008

National pledged delegates determined: 28

Key: Withdrew
prior to contest
West Virginia Democratic presidential primary, 2008[4]
Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates[5]
Hillary Clinton 240,890 66.93% 20
Barack Obama 92,736 25.77% 8
John Edwards 26,284 7.3% 0
Total 359,910 100.00% 28

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