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Wen is the pinyin romanisation shared by several different Chinese surnames, including 文 (Wén), 温 (Wēn), 闻, and 问 (Wèn).

Wen (文/闻/温/问)
PronunciationWén/Wēn/Wèn (Pinyin) , Man6 (Jyutping)
Meaning"literature", "writing", "culture" (as a noun)
Other names
Variant form(s)Wen (Mandarin)
Man, Mann (Cantonese)
Boon (Hokkien)
Vun (Hakka)
Mun (Gan)
Moon (Korean)
Văn (Vietnamese)
Bun (Japanese)

文 (Wén), meaning "literary" or "culture", is usually romanised as Man in Cantonese (most widely used by those from Hong Kong), and sometimes as Mann. In Min (including the Hokkien, Teochew, and Taiwanese dialects), the name is pronounced Boon. In the Hakka, the name can be romanized as Vun or Voon. The Gan dialect transcription for the name is Mun. Other romanizations include Văn in Vietnamese, Moon or Mun (Hangul: 문) in Korean and Bun (Hiragana: ぶん) in Japanese.

温 (Wēn), meaning "warm", is sometimes romanised as Wen or Vun in Taiwan, On in Vietnamese, Wan in Cantonese, or Wen/Won/Wan/Bong/Voon/Oon/woon/Man/Mun in Malaysia.

闻 (Wén), meaning "fame" or "to listen", shares its origin with 文 (Wén) and usually romanised in a similar way. It may be romanised as Man in Cantonese, Wen, Boon, Vun, or Voon in Taiwan, Văn in Vietnamese.

Notable people named WenEdit

Historical figuresEdit

Other peopleEdit

  • Wen Yiduo (1899–1946), poet and scholar
  • Wen Jiabao (born 1942), Premier of the People's Republic of China from 2003 to 2013
  • Wen Bixia (born 1967), Hong Kong actress
  • Wēn Línyǎn (born 1983), a.k.a. Leana Wen, Chinese-born American physician
  • Wen Junhui (stage name: Jun), Chinese member of the South Korean boyband Seventeen