Huascacocha (Lima)

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Huascacocha or Wask'aqucha (Quechua wask'a rectangle / long, qucha lake,[2][3][4] "rectangle lake" or "long lake", Hispanicized spelling Huascacocha) is a lake in Peru located in the Lima Region, Yauyos Province, Ayaviri District, Yauyos quinches District.[5] It is situated at a height of about 4,250 metres (13,944 ft).[6] Huascacocha lies between the mountains Huayna Cotoni and Qutuni in the north and Llongote in the south, southeast of the lake Tikllaqucha.

Huascacocha is located in Peru
Lima Region
Coordinates12°18′31.9″S 75°58′33.3″W / 12.308861°S 75.975917°W / -12.308861; -75.975917Coordinates: 12°18′31.9″S 75°58′33.3″W / 12.308861°S 75.975917°W / -12.308861; -75.975917[1]


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