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Warren A. Shibles was an American philosopher, historian and professor. His B.A. is from the University of Connecticut and his M.A. from the University of Colorado.[1] He was head of the department of philosophy of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.[2] He is the author of numerous articles in history and philosophy and of many books, including children's books in philosophy and ethics. A number of his books have been translated into German, Finnish and Spanish languages.


  • Analysis of Metaphor in the Light of W.M. Urban's Theories Softcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-12-6
  • Good and Bad Are Funny Things: A Rhyming Book Ethics for Children Softcover, Language Pr, ISBN 0-912386-14-2
  • Lying: a Critical Analysis Hardcover, Language Pr, ISBN 0-912386-20-7
  • Metaphor: An Annotated Bibliography and History Hardcover, Language Pr, ISBN 0-912386-00-2
  • Rational Love Softcover, Language Pr, ISBN 0-912386-13-4
  • Time: A Critical Analysis for Children Softcover, Language Pr, ISBN 0-912386-17-7
  • Death: An Interdisciplinary Analysis Hardcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-05-3 Hardcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-06-1
  • Emotion in Aesthetics Hardcover, Kluwer Academic Pub, ISBN 0-7923-3618-6
  • Emotion: The Method of Philosophical Therapy Hardcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-07-X Hardcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-08-8
  • Essays on Metaphor Softcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-01-0 Hardcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-04-5
  • Ethics: A Critical Analysis for Children Hardcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-15-0
  • Humor, a Critical Analysis for Young People Hardcover, Language Press, ISBN 0-912386-18-5
  • Models of Ancient Greek Philosophy Hardcover, Vision, ISBN 0-85478-152-8
  • Philosophical Pictures Hardcover, Kendall Hunt Pub Co, ISBN 0-8403-0562-1
  • Humor Reference Guide: A Comprehensive Classification and Analysis (Hardcover) 1998 ISBN 0-8093-2097-5
  • Wittgenstein Language & Philosophy (Soft cover) Wm. C. Brown Book Co., 1969 Template:ISBN 0840303181, ISBN 978-0840303189

In GermanEdit

  • Lügen und lügen lassen. Softcover, ISBN 3-927223-54-9
  • Ethik für alle. Lermann Verlag, Mainz. 1999.
  • Was ist Zeit? Lermann Verlag, Mainz. 1997.
  • Unsere Gefühlswelt. Dr. Gisela Lermann Verlag, Mainz. 1995.

In FinnishEdit

  • Etiikkaa lapsille ja nuorille. (Ethics, 1978.) Translator: Erkki Hartikainen. Helsinki: Vapaa-ajattelijain liitto ry. 1979.
  • Emootiot: Lisää etiikkaa lapsille ja nuorille. (Emotion, 1978.) Translator: Erkki Hartikainen. Helsinki: Vapaa-ajattelijain liitto ry. 1979.

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