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Walta Media and Communication Corporate S.C. or Walta, previously called Walta Information and Public Relations Center S.C., or Walta Information Center is an Ethiopian privately owned media conglomerate owned and operated by the Ethiopian government.[1] Walta, located in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, was founded in 1994 and supplies the Ethiopian News Agency and other media with local and national news.[citation needed]


Walta has been affiliated with the Ethiopian government since 1992 or earlier.[2] As of 2020, Walta supported the federal Ethiopian government and the Prosperity Party.[3]


As part of the media conglomerate, there is an online medium in English, Amharic and Arabic with local, national and international news and a TV station, Walta TV, broadcasting mainly social and political news in Amharic over satellite.[4]

Political stancesEdit

According to Walta, it gathers, organizes, analyzes and disseminates news and provides image building and public relation support activities.[5]


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