Meshushim River

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The Meshushim Stream (Hebrew: נחל משושים, Nahal Meshushim, "Hexagons Stream", Arabic: Wadi el-Hawa/Fakhura/Zaki) is part of the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights.[1] 35 km long, it starts from the foothills of Mount Avital and discharges via the Bethsaida Valley into the Sea of Galilee.[2][1]

Meshushim Stream, with prominent hexagonal basalt columns

The stream owes its name to the hexagonal basalt columns visible on the banks in the central part of its course. A prominent example of this kind of geology and a tourist attraction is the Hexagon Pool.

Of the many affluents from the steam's 160 km2 drainage area,[1] the most prominent ones are the Zavitan Stream [he] and the intermittent Katzrin Stream [he].

It is the only river in the Golan not impounded in reservoirs.[1]


Coordinates: 32°53′00″N 35°37′23″E / 32.8833°N 35.6230°E / 32.8833; 35.6230